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Asset Protection, Estate & Tax Planning, Probate,
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Jeffrey T. Killeen - Attorney at Law, is a law firm dedicated to Asset Protection, Estate & Tax planning, Long Term Care Planning, Probate, Probate litigation, Trust and Conservatorship, and Medi-Cal. Our office in Santa Cruz, California, firmly stands behind protecting your assets for your family. We know how hard you have worked to save your finances and property, and we know how to help keep them in your family for future generations.We take a proactive approach in our advance preparation while preserving family harmony throughout the process.
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We can set up the proper legal documents
to help protect your home or savings from being lost. No matter the health or financial emergency, or unforeseen circumstances, Jeffrey Killeen will help protect your assets.
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We focus on Estates, Probate, and Medi-Cal
and will fight for your rights to help keep your assets now, and for future generations.
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Jeffrey T. Killeen - Attorney at Law
is an expert in planning, settling, and fighting for your assets. Our office has extensive knowledge and experience in protecting your home and finances for years to come. Call us today for a free consultation.
Jeffrey Killeen (SBN 84614)
is the founder and principal attorney of this family-oriented law practice. He has lived and practiced in the Bay Area since 1980, consulting for nearly a ... Read more
Beth Clifford
is our Paralegal. Beth completed the University of Santa Cruz Paralegal Program She also earned a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration from Boise State University. She ... Read more
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