Living Trusts in Santa Cruz, CA

Living Trusts — Probate Law in Santa Cruz, CA
A living trust avoids probate...
A funded living trust avoids probate. If you own a home, you should consider creating a living trust while you have the time and capacity to do it. Accidents do happen. If you own property or valuables and care who gets it, then let Jeffrey T. Killeen advise you on setting up a living trust.
...But may not avoid litigation.
The choice of trustee is critical and often neglected. Beneficiaries of a living trust do need protection. A carefully designed living trust can reduce the likelihood of injustice occurring, and lawsuits as a result.

Minor children need special consideration.
Without a living trust, minor children may receive their entire inheritance at age 18. This may not be the best idea. A living trust can make arrangements to postpone receipt of the inheritance.
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