Probate Litigation help in Santa Cruz, CA

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Estate and Trust Litigation
One finds oneself in Probate Litigation when a lawsuit is brought to action. Jeffrey T. Killeen - Attorney at Law has extensive experience in handling these types of situations, and can help in ensuring the judgements are in your favor. We stand behind our clients, and fight justice on their behalf.

Jeffrey Killeen has many years in the courts specifically dealing with probate, estate law, and trusts. His experience has gained him great credibility and success in the courts, as well as in the field of estate and trust law. We will stand behind your rights, and can help steer clear of the common problem areas associated with estates and trusts.
We are experienced in handling conservatorships in California. If you need to protect your parent, or if your child thinks you need protection and you don't, Jeffrey Killeen can help.
If you find yourself or someone you know needing legal representation for a Probate Litigation, contact Jeffrey T. Killeen today.