Planning for The Cost of Long Term Care

Elderly Lady in nursing home — Medicaid in Santa Cruz, CA
What is Medi-Cal?
is California's state program for administering the application of federal Medicaid funds. If your loved one needs full-time care, either at home or in a long-term care facility, you should seek the professional help of Jeffrey T. Killeen - Attorney at Law. We can help you in preserving a loved one's assets so that the state doesn't recover the cost of long-term care provided.
Never Too Late!
Medi-Cal planning is often possible even after your elder has entered into a skilled nursing facility.
Medi-Cal Eligibility
While there are many variables and factors to consider, the basic requirements to become eligible for Medi-Cal are that an applicant have no more than a home, a car, and $2,000 of other resources in their name. There are transfer rules that can be used to remove many of the other resources, without causing Medi-Cal eligibility to be lost. Mr. Killeen has been using these rules for the benefit of his clients for over 20 years, so far without difficulty.
Medi-Cal estate recovery avoidance
After a Medi-Cal beneficiary's death, the state of California can demand reimbursement for all the benefits paid by the state. This can even include forcing the sale of a home to pay the claim. There are many exceptions to avoid this. Let the professionals at Jeffrey Killeen look at your case, and help you save your family's assets.
If you or someone you love is in need of Medi-Cal, and need the legal representation to support your claim, call us at 831-600-7017 today for a consultation.