Irrevocable Trust planning in Santa Cruz, CA

Irrevocable Trust — Estate Planning in Santa Cruz, CA
Jeffrey T. Killeen - Attorney at Law is an estate law expert in Santa Cruz, California. Let our offices help you create an irrevocable trust to protect your assets. Irrevocable trusts can increase the likelihood that your assets will go to the intended beneficiary, while protecting the trust creator from any attempt to change the trust later in the trust creator's life, as well as protecting the estate from creditors. Although the trust creator cannot change the terms of the trust, the trust creator can retain the right to replace the trustee, or to change distribution of assets. These trusts can prove to be extremely useful in transferring ownership of property from one to another.
Let Jeffrey Killeen help you create an irrevocable trust to your specifications, as well as handle the distribution of assets via the trust, and all adminstrations challenges associated.
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